Welcome to
Magnolia Day School of Dunedin

For over a decade Magnolia Dayschool has been caring for and teaching children throughout Florida and the Dunedin area. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing a safe and high-quality environment and facility, as well as knowledgeable, trained, and accredited teachers and caregivers.

The Magnolia Dayschool team ensures a high-quality, secure, and credible experience for each child, while offering competitive pricing and affordability for each family.

Our Dunedin facility has been created to offer Dunedin, Florida area children the opportunity to continuously grow and learn through interactivity with other Dunedin area children and with our capable, skillful teachers.

If you are searching for high quality pre-kindergarten and dayschool programs that are affordable and credible in the Dunedin, FL area, the best choice for your child and your family is Magnolia Dayschool of Dunedin.

Find the right program for your child with a variety of options to fit any child’s dayschool needs. Magnolia Dayschool of Dunedin offers programs for Toddlers, Two & Three Year-Olds & Four year-olds, as well as Full and part time Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten.

Contact us today to schedule a facility tour and visit at our Dunedin, Florida location.